Interview with Truckee River Fly Fishing Guide Blake Hunter

First time user of sidesurfers how are they feeling?
Feel good. They’re real comfortable. They are pretty unnoticeable on your face and good all around eye protection.

You use them a lot for fishing?
Absolutely, the last couple times I went fishing I’ve noticed a huge difference not having to directly put my hands over my glasses to sight fish in the water.

And you have you own guiding service?
Yes it’s called Hunter’s Bigger Fish Guide Service, Hunter being my last name.

Do you have a website?
Yeah it’s

How can a potential client get a hold of you?
You can email me at, find my number on my website, or if you’re into the whole social media thing you can find my name @yowzzers on Instagram and send a direct message

You should also checkout all his big fish he’s caught on Instagram. How long have you been fishing this area?
My whole life but fly fishing for a solid 13 years.

And how long have you been guiding?
Four and a half years.

And for those who dont know where this area is where are we?
We’re in Truckee California baby! Haha we have some damn good fisheries in the area and a few of them support some huge wild troots!

So what separates your guide service from others?
Supplying personal home tied realistic flies that are proven to be effective. Staying patient with all skill levels. Not afraid to have a good time And I ALWAYS bring a 6 pack for my clients.

Do you use a bobber or an indicator?
Bobber would refer to that spin fishing thing those bait fishermen enjoy. So, indicator. But there is a lot of other techniques in fly fishing.

What other techniques do you use?
Oh we got dry fly, dry dropper, streamers, tight line nymph, and indicator.

Do you use all of techniques or do you prefer one?
All of them for sure, seasonally some techniques work better than others.

So you know which technique to use for each different fish for this area?
I hope so. haha

Thats some serious local knowledge, whats the guiding service called again?
Haha Hunters Big Fish Guide Service. Check me on google maps too

Do you prefer mono or fluoro?
Pretty much 100% fluoro all the time. We have some gin clear water most of the year and smart trout stay weary. Its more expensive but it’s worth the catch.

What’s your dream species to catch?
Go with Golden Dorado in South America or a Rooster Fish in Baja.

What’s your favorite fish to catch around here?
Brown trout all the way and of course Lahanton Cutthroat out of Pyramid Lake. But everyone is always looking for that dream monster Brown. Which there are a few of those around here.

What’s the biggest Brown you’ve caught in this area?
It was 28 inches, but I’ve had a few encounters with bigger. Actually had one yesterday that was pushing 30 inches. Those bastards can eat your soul.

How can you tell how big it was?
Seen’t it in the water.

Oh, you’ve got the eye huh?
Haha, yea after a lot of time on the water your eyes train to see fishy shadows lurking… and now the ol’ Sidesurfers help me view those shadows that much better

Dry fly or wet fly?
Preferably dry fly but if you want to catch bigger fish it’s most likely going to be wet.

Swing or Nymph?
I’d love to be swinging for steelhead everyday or tossing streamers to eager browns, but really I just love it all.

Do you take your clients different spots during different seasons?
Yes definitely, it has a lot to do with water flow and temperature. Also I like to take my clients where the least amount of people will be so they can get the best experience possible.

How often do your clients catch fish?
Every time at least hooking fish, its just a matter of how well they know how to fight them because the wild trout are really powerful around here.

So you’re always trying to create the best adventure possible for your clients?
Haven’t had a complaint yet so lets keep the good times rolling

Do you catch n release or do you keep the fish to eat?
I catch and release 100% of the time if I’m on rivers. If I’m camping out in the backcountry and there’s high mountain lakes with a healthy supply of fish I will keep some and fry them up for the homies. I’ve got some good recipes.

So you bring out spices and what not out there?
Oh yea, I like to cook

Backcountry chef, sounds like we have a professional here. Why do you catch and release on rivers?
Its all about creating a healthy and sustainable river system, and this all starts with proper catch and release techniques and not overfishing.

Any superstitions or rituals that you have when you go fishing?
During fishing don’t bring any bananas, bananas are bad luck. Throw those off the boat if you’re on a drift boat. And just pray to fish gods that it will be a good day,

What really grinds your gears on the river?
Seeing bate fisherman in places you’re not allowed to bate fish and people keeping fish they really shouldn’t keep. Just people being disrespectful basically. We want to keep our rivers healthy.

What does fly fishing need more or less of?
I think it needs a little more knowledgeable quality fisherman. Just people being smart and not assholes.

Is that what you teach your clients, do you start them off on the correct path?
Definitely take them down the right path. I try to teach the respect and knowledge about local waters and how you shouldn’t be jumping over peoples toes trying to fish the same holes.

So you’re part of the instagram fly fishing culture, how do you feel about the whole scene?
I think it’s funny most of the time. A lot of the random messages I receive from all over the place. But its cool I’ve met a lot of people that I now fish with because of instagram. And I will randomly see people who recognize me from instagram, people calling me Yowzzers on the river which is super funny. I don’t take it too seriously but I basically post fish photos only to get more attention directed to my fly fishing guide business. Except the snowboarding posts. But thats winter time, and I tend to snowboard more in winter.

What else would you use your sidesurfers for?
Winter time in the backcountry when the sun is pounding on you. Having full eye protection is key on those bright winter days

Don’t forget to give Blake @yowzzers a follow on Instagram so you can see all the wild fish he catches and this winter be on the look out for him dropping some serious lines in the Sierras. Thanks for talking to us today.
Yea bud anytime. Stoked to support a rad company

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